In my 19 years in radio, media and broadcast, I have worked with more than a dozen consultants and the ones that cut through and deliver positive results consistently, are usually the ones that take a personal interest in the product, people and more so, the culture of the company.


I had the opportunity to work with Keith Fowler for many years when I was the Program Manager of hitz FM and at that period, Keith was the Group Program Manager. I attribute my earliest development to Keith who saw my potential early and continued to mentor and nurture me. We struck a chord and it was obvious that his years of experience and expertise had rubbed off on me as hitz grew from strength to strength while I too grew in my career at Astro.


We collaborated on numerous projects across India, mainly the setting up of some radio stations in India and Indonesia. His keen sense of music and his ability to breakdown complex problems to bite size workable solutions still amazes me till today. Keith has a soul of a teenager and a charisma to match. Truly one of my mentors in this business! 


I got to know Rex about 5 or 6 years ago during his bi annual visit to Malaysia for our strategy meets. At that time I was Group GM of Content and what impressed me about Rex was his amazing gift with people. Rex was always positive, cordial, charismatic but also has the ability to deliver constructive feedback in a most amazing way. He has the natural gift of a leader and is amazing with on air talent!


The difference that Rex brought was instantaneous as my team became receptive to his methods as he took a very sincere and approach to the development of the team. He always followed up with fortnightly mails or calls and was always the first to want to know about how we did in the sweeps. We never got the feel that he was your typical consultant but rather part of the team. That is a very rare trait! His positivity resonates across and we will continue to use Rex for some of our requirements moving forward. 


So, it comes as no surprise to me as Keith and Rex formed Resonate. I believe this was inevitable and I see them being a very successful unit as, apart from having world-class technical knowledge in broadcast, they have such a positive human side! Now that is priceless!


What sets them a part is, they truly understand the value of motivating and growing people concurrently with the business.


 Dr Jake Abdullah

CEO Astro Radio Malaysia



"I had the opportunity to work with Keith when he was consulting Red FM (India) on behalf of Astro Malaysia. Keith not only trained and mentored talent across the Red FM network but also redefined the rules of radio programming.

He had played a pivotal role in surging brand Red FM to the market leader position. Having created successful radio brands across the globe, he would truly be my top recommendation for anybody who's seeking business, creative or strategic consultancy."

Punit Sheth

SVP - Creative & Content (Digital) - Mashup Brand Solutions.


"During my tenure as CEO of community station Waringarri Radio, Rex was engaged to assist our station to identify the best ways to maximise opportunities from data of a recent comprehensive listener survey and more crucially, to inspire the team to re-define as a group, the reason the station should exist.
The result was a clearer focus on clientele to pursue, internal and external positioning statements that the entire team bought into and professional one on one guidance for our presenters.

I would highly recommend Rex and his team to any media group looking to sharpen their focus and discover their strengths."
Rowena Alexander
Former CEO Waringarri Radio.