The Difference

At the Resonate Project Group we offer an alternative to the old model of radio consultancy.




The perspective of ownership

How many consultants actually have "skin in the game?" The core of the Resonate Project Group currently own radio stations in Australia and the U.S.

We can literally help you start from scratch, because we've done it. We understand the "Show" and the "Business."




We leave the IP

At the Resonate Project Group we're about creating IP with you that  stays with you, as lasting and meaningful collateral to generate your ratings and revenue.


What you want and what you keep is entirely up to you.




On the ground, and on line

You can design the type of personal support you and your team need. We're not contained to short fixed "fly in, fly out" visits.




Experienced in your part of the world

The Resonate Project Group can draw on it's day to day hands on experience in  Australia, Asia, the US, and the sub continent to work with you effectively.